Student-Storage Manchester? What benefits could I get from this and why would I need it?


Student Storage Manchester are leading providers in self storage for students in Manchester but we are also much more than that. We are advocates for promoting Manchester as one of the best cities in the world for students to settle in and call home, this is part of the reason we got into delivering exceptional storage services to students that study here. Manchester has endless amounts to offer in terms of culture, education and opportunity. The number of benefits we could list are endless but here are some of our top suggestions and reasons for why students may wish to study (and store!) in Manchester.


But why Manchester in particular?

The UK is full of fantastic universities, many of which are renowned around the world for their leading practices in higher education. Manchester and in particular Greater Manchester is classed as the third biggest city in the United Kingdom so with that comes a lot of opportunity for an excellent education. Greater Manchester boasts three incredibly well-renowned universities in the form of Manchester University, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Salford University. These three universities alone make Manchester a powerhouse of high-quality education and that is before you look at the countless industry-leading colleges and schools in Manchester. Beyond education, Manchester has a rich and vibrant nightlife for students as well as some incredible cultural aspects to interest people from all backgrounds and walks of life.


What is Student-Storage?

So, what really is student storage?  Student Storage Manchester was created to provide industry-leading storage services to students around the Manchester area. The main use for Student Storage comes from international students that have come to Manchester to attend university. Our tailor-made student storage bundles help students store for the cheapest possible prices in the Manchester area. These prices include heaps of free stuff as well such as free collection and re-delivery, and unlimited free packing boxes. We are a company created with the well-being of Manchester’s students at the very heart of our business.


But what if I can’t reach my storage-unit?

Many students come to Manchester for far and wide and as a result, students may not know the city well or may struggle with transport around the city while studying. Our Storage Facility is situated just outside of Manchester city centre meaning that we can deliver all the benefits of city centre storage at a much cheaper price. To help students get to us with ease and enjoy a worry-free storage experience we offer free collection and re-delivery with all of our student storage deals. This means when you choose to store with Student Storage Manchester you can do so with confidence knowing that we will do all the heavy lifting for you! If you want to know more information about any of this you can head over to our frequently asked questions page! 


Why would I need Student Storage?

As we mentioned previously, many of our student customers tend to be international students. For them using storage over the summer months gives them the freedom to be able to go back home to visit family and friends without being tied down with rent and physical belongings – this obviously applies to any students that wish to return home for the summer. In addition to this, some students may wish to use storage to start a business/side hustle while at university, free up space in their halls, or store equipment from a society they are part of. Whatever the reason we have the services, offers, and promotions to help ALL students in the Manchester area.


How can I use Student-Storage to help with my work?

Sometimes you just need a little bit of extra space of breathing room. We have known some students to use a storage unit as a place of quiet re-treat and reflection by setting up a desk and study space in one of our mid-sized storage units. This is particularly useful during the warmer months of the year as it gives students a cool, dry, and quiet place to study. In some cases, we can even arrange electricity to some storage units to charge your laptop and phone. In addition to this many students tend to look for ways to make extra money while studying. Student Storage Manchester can help students set up and run their business from a storage unit.


To conclude…

So the points we covered in this article as just a few reasons why students should not only take the leap to study in Manchester but should also seriously consider using Student Storage Manchester while doing so. Student Storage Manchester is Manchester’s #1 for price and quality student storage services. To get your student storage quote today simply head over to our student booking form, fill out the form, and sit back and wait for notification from our team to arrange a collection date for your storage. To get more information on finding the right service and package for you, you can head over to our service page.