Reasons to want to explore Salford


When people think about Salford this wonderful, vibrant, and culturally rich city often gets bundled in with Manchester. Salford however, is an incredible city in its own right, one that was often depicted in the artwork of LS Lowry or through bands like The Smiths who posed outside of Salford Lads Club for the sleeve of their album ‘The Queen Is Dead’. The point we are getting at is if you are a student looking to move to the North West then Salford has a lot to offer beyond Manchester. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why students may want to move to Salford and reasons to choose Salford University and Student Storage Manchester


Media City UK

Media City UK, home to some of the biggest household names: BBC, ITV, dock10, SIS, Kellogg’s, The Landing and Ericsson. These big names are all a part of the Media City community having experiences and opportunities that you just can’t find anywhere else. For example, ITV, which is home to hit shows such as; Emmerdale, The X factor, Take me out and even Coronation street (which has its own outdoor set tours for the public to take part in at Media City). As well as all of this media city is only a stone throw away from Salford’s iconic Lowry which is a world-renowned theatre and gallery. In addition to this, the Lowry Outlet is a hotspot for retail lovers from all over.


Graystone Action Sports

For those students who indulge in sport Graystone holds a vast number of possibilities, for example, Summer camps, a trampoline park and even its very own skate park. Having something for everyone whether you’re into yoga, skateboarding or your keen to learn a new skill there are classes from experienced professionals to teach you the fundamentals of their subject. Salford is a dynamic and exciting city and along with media city and the university, there is a huge range of cultures coming together to learn and develop new and existing skills in a welcoming and wholesome community.


Architecture & The Salford Cathedral

Salford Cathedral is rich with history and heritage, dedicated to St John the Evangelist. Its design was inspired by churches around England and the continent, having still the tallest spire on the Manchester skyline. Opened on August 9th, 1848 for students fascinated by Architecture or Religion, The Salford Cathedral is sure to be an excellent visit.


History & The Salford Museum and Arts Gallery

The Salford museum and art gallery are dedicated to the history of Salford and Victorian art and architecture.  For those who love history, you will surely love this museum and for the art lovers, it is sure to please all. Rich with the deep history of Salford, originally opened to the public in November 1850 as the Royal Museum and Public Library. The museum gives a whole new perspective on the city of Salford and students are sure to become fascinated with this.


Salford Arts Theatre

For those interested in the performing arts, Salford Arts Theatre is the perfect place hosting a various list of shows and original performances. As stated by the theatre ‘Salford Arts Theatre is an intimate theatre with an exclusive number of performances each year. They are making theatre accessible bringing a range of genres for all to enjoy. The theatre is dedicated to entertainment for all no matter the age; students can take advantage of the many different shows put on throughout the year. So why not check it out?


Final say

After all is said and done, we can’t tell you where you should go but we can tell you that Salford has an extremely wide range of opportunities of which we cannot even put into words. So, we’ll leave that with the students to decide to go check it all out and see if you enjoy it Salford is a big place with so much to do. So go check it out you might not take our word for it, but there’s only one way to find out.

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