Manchester is one of the greatest cities in the UK to study in. There are multiple very good universities including Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester University, and Salford University. Each one of these universities has different strengths and specialities but all three of then are renowned for providing some of the best levels of education in the UK and beyond. At Student Storage Manchester we have been helping students from Manchester Metropolitan University store their valued belongings over the summer holidays and throughout the year for the cheapest possible prices.


Situated in the vibrant heart of Manchester city centre the main Manchester Metropolitan University campus is based alongside the busy hustle and bustle of Oxford Road. Reaching from it’s location on Oxford Road all the way along to Fallowfield MMU has a huge number of accommodation options for students. The convenience of these locations situated so close to the main campus means that students at Manchester Metropolitan University can take advantage of cheap and affordable student accommodation that brings them the quality of life benefits of being so close to their place of study and all that Manchester City Centre has to offer.

Some Top Rated Accommodation For MMU:

Alongside these top 5 student accommodation venues is the entire list of student campus accommodation venues endorsed by MMU themselves.


MMU has a massive range of different courses in part due to its foundations stemming from the merging of multiple different colleges and schools with specialisations in different industries. For this reason Manchester Metropolitan University sees students come from all over the world to make the most of the different courses that are on offer. Some of the most prominent and praised courses are:

  • Architecture
  • Library Management
  • Food Science
  • Material Technology
  • Sports Science
  • Education
  • Information Management

These are just of the most acclaimed courses from the arsenal of higher education provided by the university. To start your search for the right course head over to the MMU website and check out their A-Z course guide.


Manchester is often referred to as being the capital of the north and at Student Storage Manchester we firmly believe in this. With Manchester Metropolitan’s city centre campus situated bang in the middle of the city it is the ideal location for students to check out what Manchester has to offer.  We have created several blog posts and articles throughout this website to help students get to grips with what Manchester has to offer as a city. Just some of the things students will love about studying in Manchester are:


  • Vibrant and Exciting Music Scene
  • Dynamic and Energetic Nightlife
  • Extensively Rich Art and Culture
  • Constant Growth and Opportunity
  • Amazing Public Transport


At Student Storage Manchester we are specialists in delivering the very best self storage for students at Manchester Metropolitan University. We have over 10 years of experience in the self storage industry and have been providing bespoke, cheap, and reliable student storage services to students throughout those years. We understand that Manchester Metropolitan University has an appeal to students from far and wide and at Student Storage Manchester we find most of our customers are international students.

International Students

Those that Travel to Manchester to study often find themselves restricted over the summer holidays, faced with the prospect of staying in a city and continuing to rent expensive student accommodation only so they have somewhere to keep their belongings. Student Storage Manchester offer a low cost alternative to this by providing an all-inclusive student storage deal for the summer term. This custom student deal includes:

  • Free Collection
  • A Set Price Based on The Items Being Stored
  • Unlimited Free Packing Boxes
  • Free Return Delivery

You can see the full breakdown of our student deals and promotions here.

If you are a student of Manchester Metropolitan University and looking to store for the summer, head over to our student booking form to receive a quote.



We offer an unlimited amount of packing boxes for all items you store with us. 



Our state of the art security system with over 300 CCTV camera means your belongings have never been safer.


We cover all of the universities, colleges and student accommodation within the Manchester area.


For university students looking to store in Manchester we make it easy. Student Storage Manchester have a tried and tested system for helping students use university storage with ease. Our students simply fill out our student booking form, take advantage of our free offers then store with confidence until arranging their free re-delivery. We are experts in Student Storage in the Manchester area and over the years we have developed tailor made student storage bundles in which students can get an ‘all-in-one’ storage package for one set price depending on the number of items. This allows students to consolidate storage, collection, packaging and re-delivery into one small packaged price for a stress free and easy storage process. 


complete our booking form

Simply submit one of our student booking forms or give us a call, we can help find the best fit for you, give you a quote and get you booked in with us.

get unlimited free storage boxes

After you are all booked in we will arrange a collection date with you. Simply have your boxes ready on the day and your driver will collect them and transport them to our state of the art storage facility.

we collect your items and return them to your new home.

 At the end of your holidays simply contact our team to arrange the delivery of your goods back to your new home at a time that's convenient for you.  


At Student Storage Manchester we pride ourselves on providing the very best self storage solutions for students in the Manchester area. Our team of dedicated storage staff are on hand 7 days a week to make the process and smooth and stress free as possible. It is easy for us to say we think we are the best but don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch with us or take a look at what some of our previous and existing customers have to say about us!

Very good service, rates very reasonable. Service was excellent; Jason and Liam were fantastic, very professional and respectful, they worked so hard and got everything sorted. Tip Top! Thank you.

-Sally, Manchester

I got a very good deal to store some items here. I looked around and no one else in Manchester can compete with the prices. The fact they also give you so many little extras makes it a very good package. I got free boxes to pack my stuff and could have got a pick up from my house. 

-Richard, Manchester 

Highly recommended storage unit in Manchester. I got a very good deal and the customer service was excellent. The staff were all very professional and helpful

-Jay, Manchester

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