Get The Most Out Of Your Studies With Student Storage Manchester’s Top 5 Business Ideas For Students

Student Storage Manchester is proud of the services they provide to students storing across the Manchester area. We understand that being cheap and affordable to students is important. As a student financial stress and difficulty can be one of the main and defining factors of storage as a student.  At Student Storage Manchester we believe in students as being the future, that is why we invest heavily in helping students in our local areas as well as doing what we can to help self storage work for them.  Self storage in Manchester can be expensive and is often monopolised by big corporate storage companies. Student Storage Manchester offers the cheapest and most affordable storage solutions in the Manchester area. As part of our attempts to give back to students who choose to store with us over the summer we have put together this list of how you can use Student Storage Manchester to earn some extra money during your time at university.

Did you know that many businesses use a self storage facility to run their business from? Student Storage Manchester helps many businesses use self storage as part of their wider business strategy. In terms of businesses use for a self storage facility they can include, but are not limited to, storing excess stock and inventory, workshop space, office space, storing of documents and archives, and studio space. For this reason, we have found that many students studying in Manchester have taken advantage of Student Storage Manchester to channel their entrepreneurial spirit into making some extra money while they study.

The following is a list of our top 5 businesses students can run from Student Storage Manchester to help them earn some more money.

1) Online Store

Online Store Student Storage Manchester




With the increasing ease of setting up an online store with platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and the Facebook Marketplace it has never been easier to set up your own online e-commerce store. For many students, this can be a great way to start making money alongside your studies. Find a product you want to sell, this can be things such as clothing, branded merchandise or health, and lifestyle products. Once you have a product you want to sell you can take advantage of a self storage unit to start storing your inventory while you set up your store and begin to sell. Having this extra space can help you take advantage of the economy of bulk to get your stock at a reduced rate. In addition to this Student Storage Manchester has a receipt and dispatch service so we can hand over your orders to couriers for you and handle all return deliveries.

2) Studio Space

Studio Space Student Storage Manchester

There is a huge number of creative courses at universities in Manchester now. Courses such as photography, film studies, media studies, and art may all at some point require studio space to start developing a product that could become profitable. Space is expensive but at Student Storage Manchester you can take advantage of our cheap and affordable storage space in order to start turning your studies into a profitable venture for yourself. For photography and art students, in particular, a storage unit can be a great space to store your work to sell at a later date or to create new and exciting work. For film and media students it can be a good space to store large and bulky equipment such as tripods, greenscreens, microphone booms and more.

3) Office Space

Office Space Student Storage Manchester

If you already have a business venture underway and are outgrowing your small overcrowded desk in your student accommodation then Student Storage Manchester may have the answer. Did you know that Student Storage Manchester also offers office space and many successful businesses run their offices from our premises? Student Storage Manchester offers fully furnished and functioning office space to individuals and small-medium sized businesses. This can be particularly useful if you go down the path mentioned in point number 1. If you are looking to set up an e-commerce business then you can use Student Storage Manchester to store all your inventory on-site and have your office on the same premises.

4) Society Storage

Society Space Student Storage Manchester

Social societies, clubs, and movements are an integral part of life at university. If you are motivated and inspired enough then you may find yourself in a position of leadership or responsibility in your society. This is some great hands-on experience of working in a leadership position in a not-for-profit style business or organization. Although not likely to generate enough money beyond running costs a society can give you some wonderful life and business-related experiences. At Student Storage Manchester we help many students store equipment and promotional materials from their university societies. This can be particularly useful for sporting societies with large equipment or for societies to store promotional material used throughout the year at events such as open days and fresher fairs.

5) Events Management

Events space Student Storage Manchester

Another low-cost start-up that is ideal for students to do on the side of their studies is events management and organisation. There are numerous events that pop up around universities and even more opportunity to start up your own movement or help others do the same. With event management comes a lot of bulky equipment such as projectors, tables, chairs, and promotional equipment. Student Storage Manchester helps many students that work within events management store their equipment for an incredibly low cost.

This list is in no way a comprehensive guide of the ways you can use a self storage facility to make money. The above are our top 5 suggestions based on existing customers at Student Storage Manchester. If you have any ideas you want to discuss or want to know more about how you can use Student Storage Manchester to help you while at university then get in touch with our team today for more information!