We are confident that Student Storage Manchester provides the very best in self storage for students in the Manchester area, so much so that with one less thing to worry about we have put together this list of things for students to enjoy around Manchester. Manchester has many great things to offer students. It has a vibrant nightlife, creative arts, and media scene and a rich history in innovative and exciting music. That being said amongst the hype and history of Manchester as a city there are a few modern-day gems that we recommend all students in Manchester check out. Some of these are not unique to Manchester but at Student Storage Manchester we have found these are great locations to hang out with your friends, socialize with people from your course and break the ice with your flatmates after the hype from freshers week has worn off.

1) NQ64 – NQ64 is a great little gem hidden away in a dark and gloomy basement in the northern quarter. This bar has some real character and boasts an extensive range of retro gaming and arcade machines which promise hours of entertainment. NQ64 has everything from the old-school street fighter cabinets to the even more old-school Pacman cabinets. For any gamers out there or closet nerds, this venue is a must-see. NQ64 not only offers visitors a memorable retro gaming experience but also provides some quirky and unique gaming-themed cocktails to make your night even more enjoyable.
Picture of inside NQ64 in Manchester
2) Crazy Pedros– Crazy Pedros is only a stone throw away from the previously mentioned NQ64 and carves out its own unique and well…..crazy, space in Manchesters ever-evolving Northern Quarter. Crazy Pedros sells pizza, which may seem like a fairly run of the mill thing to sell until you dive further into the eccentric delights of their menu. In true Mancunian spirit, crazy Pedros do pizza differently, order by the slice or full-sized pizza and indulge in a range of toppings spanning from a personal favourite, the Nacho Libre (a nacho covered pizza) to the ‘chippy tea’ pizza (it is literally a chippy tea on a pizza).
Picture of inside Crazy Pedros Pizza in Manchester
3) Junkyard Golf– When you think crazy golf it can often conjure up images of run-down kid-sized golf courses along the coast of Blackpool. Junkyard Golf, situated in Deansgate in Manchester adds a fun and exciting twist to the classic pastime of crazy golf. Choose from three courses; Bozo, Pablo and Gary and work your way around scrapyards, fairgrounds and jungles to emerge victorious over your friends.
Picture inside Junkyard Golf in Manchester
For anyone that has spent any time in Manchester, you will know that the city has endless things to entertain you. We put together this short list of some of our favourite spots in Manchester to help students new to the city find some exciting, unique and fun places to explore.

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