Get the Student Storage Manchester top 5 list of how to travel as a student in 2020…. 

As a student, your time at university will likely be one of the best experiences of your life. You will have more freedom and independence than at any other point and a wealth of opportunities and adventures set out before you. Later on, in life, you may find yourself pinned down by a job, family commitments of financial restraints but as a student, all of these things will likely impact your life much less. At Student Storage Manchester we see so many students come through our doors who are setting off on an adventure of a lifetime. For that reason, we have put together this list of 5 different ways to Travel as a student in 2020.

1) Summer Escape

This one is perhaps the most common and isn’t actually exclusive to students. Most people, families in particular plan to go away over the summer periods. What makes this different for students is that they can very often do this for upwards of 8 weeks over the student holiday season. This can be an ideal opportunity for students to travel around different countries in a short space of time and experience numerous different cultures. This can help with

  • Discovering new cultures
  • Meeting new people
  • Experiencing new adventures
  • Gaining Independence

2) Gap Year

This next one is slightly longer than the previously mentioned summer escape. When you are at university there is often a state of urgency that you need to get through the next 3 years of your course as fast as possible. This is simply not the case, you should enjoy your time as a student while you can and most universities will even allow you to take a gap year from your studies and pick up where you left off when you return. The benefits of this are huge but just some are:

  • Breakaway from the stresses of your studies
  • Travel and gain in-depth experiences of different cultures
  • Gain valuable time to process your career choices
  • Gain new skills and abilities from all over the world to help in your future
  • Experience a different kind of lifestyle away from the 9-5 or education systems

3) Volunteer

Volunteering while at university can be an excellent way to get out there are see the world and acts as an alternative to the previous two points mentioned on this list. Volunteering can take you far and wide and you will have the opportunity to help numerous people and causes of your choosing. Volunteering can also be a good low-cost way of seeing the world as many organisations will put you up free of charge and offer you food, shelter, and travel for your assistance. The benefits of volunteering can be extremely rewarding:

  • Volunteer in new and exciting countries
  • Help people genuinely in need
  • Develop valuable life skills in the process
  • Low-cost way of experiencing new cultures

4) Exchange Placement

You chose your university and city of choice for a reason, at Student Storage Manchester we have certainly highlighted numerous different reasons why people would want to come to Manchester to study for example. That being said, spending 3 years in one university when there is so much potential and opportunity out there may not be the right decision for you. Many universities will offer you the chance to study abroad for a semester or even a full year. Just some of the benefits of being an exchange student are:

  • Experience life at a different university
  • Experience a different culture and country
  • Develop international business skills
  • Develop foreign language skills
  • Meet new friends and connections

5) Work Experience

Finally, and perhaps less excitingly, but equally as rewarding as the other points we have work experience. Taking on a good work experience position while at university can indeed give you the opportunities to travel far and wide. Just because you study in Manchester for example, does not mean you couldn’t take an exciting international work placement – in fact many universities encourage it. Some of the benefits of traveling far and wide for a work placement include:

  • Experience different working environments
  • Develop your practical working skills
  • Experience international business processes
  • Gain experience in your chosen industry
  • Live and stay in different countries and cities while studying

To Conclude

Ultimately there are countless different ways you can get out there and travel as a student in 2020, this is just a shortlist of our top 5 suggestions. To find out how Student Storage Manchester can help you travel as a student in 2020 and save money in the process fill out our student booking form or talk to a member of our team. Just a few of the benefits of using student storage while traveling are: