Manchester is our home at student storage manchester. We offer affordable self storage for students across the manchester area and we do this because we love the city we choose to call home. In this article, we look at our top 5 reasons we think you should make the move to Manchester.

There are so many reasons why you would make the move to Manchester. Often external factors such as work or travel bring people to the city. That is only natural, but what we want to look at are the things that make people fall in love with Manchester as a city. Manchester has a rich and storied history and there are so many things that make people fall in love with the city. It doesn’t matter who you are, Manchester has something to offer you. From its beginning as one of the first major industrial cities in the UK to it’s dynamic and vibrant music scene, Manchester really is the city that keeps on giving. So without further ado here is our list of the top 5 reasons to make the move to manchester:



With a rich and vibrant history, Manchester is the beating heart of the North West and that hasn’t happened overnight. The city has a long and storied history that has shaped it into what it is today. Manchester was one of the first industrial cities in the UK and was built on the back of its warehouses and ship canals that formed the beating heart of a booming economy in Manchester. In more recent years Manchester has become famous for its electric music scene with bands such as Oasis, The Stone Roses and The Smiths calling the city home. In addition to all of this Manchester is the birthplace of one of the biggest rivalries in football and is home to Manchester City and Manchester United, so blue or red there is a place for you in Manchester.


Manchester has a colourful and vibrant LGBTQ+ scene based around the world-famous Canal Street, home of ‘The Village’. The Village acts as a source of celebration right in the city centre and is the focal point of the city’s annual Pride celebrations. The Village is located in the heart of the city and acts as a point of inclusivity for people of all backgrounds and identities.


You will struggle to find a city that has a more varied and exciting culture than Manchester. The city is famous for its music, football and art with artists such as L.S Lowry originating from the city. Make the move to Manchester and you will be able to take full advantage of the cities numerous art galleries, exciting architecture, educational museums, dynamic live music and world-class sport.


The food culture in Manchester is arguably spiralling out of control with new and exciting bars and restaurants opening in competition with each other on a weekly basis it is the dream for anyone that loves food and drink. Whatever your culinary desires Manchester has the answer from the very best in fine dining experiences, to afternoon tea, to straight-up quirky and out there dining experiences.


If you are looking for a night out you will struggle to find a wider and more varied range of options than what Manchester has to offer, a night out in Manchester will give you a feel for what the city is all about. Clubs like 42’s and Fac251 got their start from the storied history of the Manchester music scene and keep that spirit alive today. Deansgate locks boast a range of contemporary and high-end clubs and bars with an excellent selection of cocktails. Finally, the Northern Quarter plays home to a mix of traditional British pubs alongside some very quirky and out there bars with a modern twist.


Ok, so we added a 6th point but hear us out. We think what we do is pretty good and this is just a shortlist of reasons you should consider moving to Manchester. Ultimately no amount of words will do the city justice, you have to experience it for yourself. Come check out the city for yourselves and when you do inevitably fall in love with it feel free to get in touch and we can help make the move as painless as possible by offering the cheapest self-storage solutions in the Manchester area.