Summer is the prime time for students to store with us. There are endless possibilities for students to take advantage of during the summer term. Unfortunately for a lot of students having somewhere to keep their things can be an issue and often something that stands in the way of a lot of those opportunities.


Going Back home

This is the most common reason for students to use a self storage service over the summer holidays. Many students move into student accommodation during the term time but then are left with an awkward 9 week period over the summer and often end up stuck in limbo between accommodation. For students that travel long distances to their city of study, it can be difficult to bring all your belongings back home with you. That is why many students choose to use Self Storage over the summer to bridge the gap between student accommodation, avoid paying for unused living space and save having to move all your belongings back home over a long distance.


International Students             

Manchester is a great place for international students but it can be difficult for these students to easily commute back home over the summer months. Many may wish to return to back home to their friends and family over the summer but many are consequently held down by the belongings they have accumulated since arriving in the city. For international students, Self Storage can give them the ideal opportunity to go back home to their friends and family and simply collect their belongings or have them re-delivered when they return back to the UK.



The summer holidays are a fantastic time for young students to spread their wings and go on a summer vacation. During your time at university, you will no doubt meet some fantastic friends and the time off over the summer provides the ideal opportunity for you and your friends to have a few weeks away over the summer or even spend the whole duration of it travelling. Make the most of your summer holiday and simply put your things into storage while you are away and then get them re-delivered when you come back.


Between Accommodation

The downside to super cheap student accommodation is that it often only works out during term time. For many students, they will stay in student halls in their first year with the intention of moving into a student house in their second year. This leaves an awkward gap over the summer term when students move out of their student halls but may not need to move into a student house until September. Rather than paying for a house, you aren’t going to use over the summer many students choose Student Self Storage as a great alternative paying a fraction of the price to keep their belongings safe and secure.

 This is not a definitive list of reasons to use self storage over the summer. This list does, however, highlight just how many uses there are and just how many different scenarios self storage can help you save money over the summer term. If you want a cheap and easy way to store your belongings over the summer term then get in touch with us. Our self storage services are the cheapest in the Greater Manchester area and we offer fantastic deals and savings for students. To find out more about what we do and what savings could be made head over to our pricing page for a full break down of prices and offers or simply fill out our booking form to receive a free quote.