We like to approach self storage with a little more finesse than simply bundling everything into a van and throwing it into a storage locker. If that is the approach you want to take of course that is fine. That being said we have put together this guide for you to help keep your belongings safe and secure by organising your storage. In addition to this, we will guide you on how to maximise your storage space to get the best value for your money. The following is our list of top 5 tips for organising your storage:

Put some thought into packing your boxes

When you are using a self storage facility you are paying for the space you use. With that in mind, you want to make sure you have as little unused space as possible, that includes inside your boxes. Make sure you carefully plan out the space inside each one of your boxes

Anything that can be dismantled – do so

Big bulky items tend to take up more space than they could. Wherever possible you should try to dismantle furniture and other large items if you think it will take up less space in your storage unit. A good example of this would be a dining room table. One of the largest home-based items you are likely to store but if you dethatch the legs from it then the space it requires is drastically reduced.

Sort through your belongings beforehand

This one may seem a little obvious but don’t just throw all your belongings into storage with the intention of sorting through them in the future. Sort through your things before you put them into storage and get rid of anything you won’t use or don’t want to keep in the future. This could save you massive amounts of space in your storage unit and will make it easier when it comes time for you to eventually move your things back out.

Plan how you put your things into your unit

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make sure you put your items into your storage unit in a way that makes sense. You never know when you might need access to your storage unit to retrieve an item or two. Put all your heavy bulky items at the back of your storage unit and the smaller ones to the front. If your storage unit is particularly big then make sure to leave space to navigate to the items you are likely to need. Going back to point 1, if you organise your boxes well then it will be much easier to navigate into your storage unit to retrieve items.


The more you store the more important it is to have themes for the items you are storing. If you are storing a whole assortment of different household goods then you may want to consider grouping your items together in relevant themes. Put all your kitchen belongings in one area, all your garden items in another and so on. Doing this will make it much easier to navigate your storage unit and find what you are looking for. If you need something from your kitchen storage you then know that it is all grouped together in one area.


Ultimately there are many different ways for organising your storage to get the most out of it. At Student Storage Manchester we have a team of in house storage experts that are on hand 7 days a week to give you all the information you could possibly need to best organise your storage and get the most out of your time with us. Head over to our contact page or our booking form to get in touch with us!