Are you currently a university student? You might be beginning to consider renting a self-storage unit for when you travel back home for the holidays. Students are constantly moving around, going from different university houses each year to having to move back home for holidays such as Christmas and summer. We are here with a student guide to self-storage!

Consider The Costs Of Self-Storage

An important thing for students to consider when renting a self-storage unit is the price. Self-storage units are usually student-friendly. They do tend to be within a student’s budget. Here at Student Storage Manchester, we offer students free collection directly from their room and free return delivery. We offer you free packing boxes. You have the option to bring your items in yourself and store with us from just £6 a week. An added bonus, if you refer a friend, you can save a further £5 on your storage. As always, the price does depend on how much space you need and how long you will be storing your items.

Have A Think About Whether You Need Self-Storage

When you are renting your university house, the tenancy rules do vary from landlord to landlord. Some landlords allow you to rent your university house from September to September whereas others only allow September to June. If your landlord expects you to vacate the property in June, there is no harm in asking if you can store your belongings there until you move into your new house. Some landlords will have no problem with this. However, others will want your belongings out as soon as your contract ends.

If this happens, self-storage will be the easiest option for you. There will be less stress and you will have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe. Self-storage units are one of the most secure places for you to keep your belongings.

Have A Think About How Often You Will Need Access To Your Storage Unit

When you have access to your storage unit depends on the company you are storing with. Here at Student Storage Manchester, we do have staff on-site 7 days a week, however, we are open from 9-6. We do have some 24/7 units available. If you think you will need 24/7 access because your timetable/ schedule does not allow you to access to your storage unit during the 9-6 working hours. Contact our team today and they can provide you with a storage unit perfect for you. We believe in storage when you need it. We want our customers to be able to access their storage units whenever they need them.

Storing To Help With Your Student Job or Freelance Work

We see a lot of people using self storage to help their business, many people in the trade industries, artists, freelancers, eccom companies, accountants (document & archive storage) etc use self storage for their business. The likes of heating engineers for example can use a self storage unit to store their tools and valuable items such as combi boilers and system boilers between jobs or to carry consistent levels of stock. As a student you might not have lots of tools or equipment to store but that doesn’t mean you can’t use self storage to help you build some additional income. Many creative students for example will use a storage unit as an affordable studio space to create artwork or work on their designs. Other students may often purchase a small amount of stock to sell online. Whatever you are thinking, self storage can likely help you if it requires space. If you have an idea you’d like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Student Storage Manchester team for more information.

Take Note Of What You Are Storing

Be aware that there are prohibited items that you will not be able to store. Before renting a storage unit, it is best to ask your storage company what items they do not allow to save you time and hassle. It is also a good idea anyways to keep note of what you are planning to store, so you know what to expect when you pick your items up, in case anything was to go missing. Some prohibited items are anything that is perishable, anything flammable, animals, illegal items.

This was our ultimate student guide to navigating self-storage. We hope this made your decision-making easier and gave you more insight into renting a self-storage unit. If you require a storage unit, contact us here today at Student Storage Manchester.