Making the choice to become a full-time student is a big one in anyone’s life. It is an even bigger thing to move away from home to a University in a different city or a different country. Having a little extra space to give you a little extra breathing space during this move can be a big thing. There are multiple reasons why you may want to choose student storage but we break down our top five reasons for you here….So, why choose Student Storage?


Summer Storage

Storing for the summer makes sense. For many students, they move into student accommodation during term time and then when it comes to summer they are faced with the task of finding somewhere to put their things. This is a big thing for students that live in a different city and an even bigger thing for international students that might want to go back home for the summer. Some students opt to move into a student house after they leave halls in their first year but don’t want to pay for an empty house to store their things while they are away over the summer. Student self storage services help to bridge that gap and give you a cheap and affordable way to store your things while you are away for the summer

Sporting Equipment

Becoming a student brings with it great opportunities for joining new societies and sports clubs. Some of these sports or societies might come with big bulky equipment such as lacrosse, winter sports, hiking and climbing etc. Using a self storage facility will allow you a place to store all of this equipment so that it doesn’t take up space in your accommodation and you will still have access to the equipment whenever you need it.

GAP years/Studying abroad

Gap years are a fantastic opportunity for students and in addition to this many University, courses offer an opportunity for students to spend a year or several terms studying in a different country. During your time away you don’t want to be paying those hefty student accommodation feeds. Once again self storage will give you somewhere to store your belongings while you are out exploring the world and new cultures.

Too many things

This one may seem like an obvious reason to use a storage facility. Traditionally student accommodation tends to be small and the average student spends three years studying. Across those three years, the chances are you are going to gradually build up your personal belongings. With such a small space restricting what you can and can’t keep self storage provides a good alternative to having to bin or get rid of those belongings.

Study space

This one might seem like a strange one but plenty of businesses and individuals opt to work and study out of a storage unit. Storage units start at an incredibly cheap price per week and provide a quiet and secluded location which is ideal for getting work done. Simply put a desk on your storage unit, bring your laptop along with a mobile hotspot and you are good to get stuck into your studies.

Run a business

Student finance is great but sometimes it doesn’t quite cover those costs of a full-on student lifestyle. Storage facilities are used by many up and coming businesses as a home base. Some small businesses students can start up for a relatively low cost might be an eBay or online e-commerce store, a YouTube channel, photography studio etc. A self storage unit provides the ideal environment to help get these projects off the ground.


If this sounds like something you would benefit from or would like to learn more about then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts. At Student Storage Manchester we have years of experience in the self storage industry so whatever your needs we can help.