Students might overlook self storage solutions since a lot of students do not know of the existence of the service, but it is a proven way, that it saves money, and it is ideal for students – Guest Post


 Now that I am writing this article, I currently study at the University of Salford, so I know a thing or two about being a student. The life of a student or an international student (like me) might have a lot of switching many places like moving from student accommodations, to privately rented houses and most probably moving residencies at the end of each term. Relocating so often can be expensive, and time consuming, mainly if you must transport many heavy items. Self storage units can provide a cheap solution, students can store furniture, suitcases, text books and any other thing that takes too much space in your room.

In this article we will answer the question “Why Self Storage is Perfect for International Students”, and we will show you some ways you can save money by using self storage facilities.


Moving Home cheap self storage solution


I personally used this method that I am going to describe to you in the following paragraphs and saved a lot of money for my life as a university student. Also, the transition to a new city was much more comfortable, thus relieving me of the stress of moving to an unknown place while having to carry a lot of luggage.

I contacted this self storage company before moving to Manchester so that I can send them all my belongings with courier. Read my experience below so you can understand how I saved time and money.


Using self storage for international students step by step


First step

I researched and contacted the company that had the cheapest self storage prices in Manchester area, after discussing the self storage plans, I chose the one that suited me best. What made me have confidence to the company even though I never used it before was the polite and professional employees that helped me find the best self storage price. I chose the storage plan that suited me best, and waited for the day of my departure from Greece and arrival to Manchester.


Second step

After agreeing to a storage unit size and the time period I was going to store my items, I had to get ready to send them my inventory. I carefully packed all my things in storage boxes and shipped them to the facilities of the self storage company. What makes it even easier for students that travel is that the self storage company can receive the items from the courier and store them until you come to your destination. This made my life much more convenient, I travelled from Greece to Manchester with a small suitcase with few clothes and my essentials, because all my belongings were shipped to a safe storage facility.


Right at the beginning, I was taking advantage of the advantages a self storage company can offer. Sending my belongings to a self storage facility before arriving at Manchester had the following benefits. 


– I did not have to pay the airline companies for extra baggage weight

– Not a single item was lost in the transportation

– Travelling light allowed me to be more flexible also it was easier to roam a new unknown city with no heavy luggage’s.


Third step

After arriving in Manchester, I went to my accommodation, and I settled in.


Fourth step

When the time of my self storage contract ended the self storage company delivered my belongings to my student accommodation for free, thus making my life much more easier. Therefore, I did not have to pay for a private company to take my belongings and bring them to me.


Self storage solutions for students


The steps above is my first experience using a self storage company for moving to a new country. It benefited immensely, and it can significantly help international students with moving houses and saving money. Moreover, a lot of self storage companies, the longer you stay with them, the more benefits you can indulge.

Underneath, I briefly explain the advantages of international students using self storage.


 It is cheap

We know that students leave on a budget, thus taking advantage of opportunities like this should be a priority. A lot of storage companies provide incentives to students, thus having cheap self storage prices means saving money for your essential activities.

I saved a lot of money from transportation.


Less tiring

Having a free delivery service is one of the best things a self storage company can offer. Moreover for international students is very beneficial, they do not have to carry a lot of luggage to the plane and move to a new city with all that extra weight. They can simply send the items to the storage unit, and the Student Storage Manchester will send them for free to your chosen destination.


Student Summer Storage


I am going to give you a bonus tip for saving money from your rent so you can spend the money to your summer activities.

Self storage companies can provide cheap summer self storage solutions for all the students that leave their accommodation on summer.

Instead of paying rent for three months or more that you are not going to use, you can send your belongings to a self storage company for that time period and save a ton of money.

Self storage prices can be exceedingly lower than rent; thus, you save money that you can spend on much more important things. To find out how you can store for less get in touch with Student Storage Manchester, fill out our Student Booking Form, or head over to our contact page