​Get to grips with planner your summer in 2020 with our guide of the Top 5 things to do as a student this summer… 

It may seem like it is an eternity away but summer 2020 is fast approaching us an as a student there is no better time to enjoy some fabulous opportunities this summer. At Student Storage Manchester we have been helping students store for the last 10 years. The main reasons students tend to store with us is so they can free themselves up to pursue exciting opportunities over the summer months. We have put together this list based on past students that have stored with us which looks at some of the things you can do to make the most of your valuable summertime.

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Vacation Summer 2020

After a hard year of working on your studies sometimes a vacation is exactly what you need come summertime. This can be particularly beneficial for students that may have spent most of their year on placement or in a working environment. Getting away from the stresses of your job and your studies can have massive benefits. In addition to this because the university summer 2020 season usually starts slightly before, and ends slightly after the school holidays you can often get a good deal on a cheap holiday.


Travel Home Summer 2020

Around Manchester, many students tend to be international students or have travelled to Manchester from different areas of the UK. Many students at Student Storage Manchester tend to use their summer break to go back home and catch up with friends and family. What often holds students back is having somewhere to put their belongings – Student Storage Manchester helps students keep their valuable belongings safe and secure while they return home for summer 2020.


Volunteer Summer 2020

We all know that from time to time it can be nice to give something back. When you are a student the summer break often offers the ideal opportunity to volunteer. This can help give you a real sense of purpose by contributing to a meaningful cause or building up some practical experience in an industry you want to work in.


Work Summer 2020

Although this isn’t the most glamorous or exciting use of your time over summer 2020 you can get some real value out of spending some time working over the summer. Many employers will look for students to hire over the summer and this can be a great way to earn some extra money so you don’t have to work during the rest of the year. Similar to volunteering, work can also be a great way to build up your experience in a working environment as well as enhancing your CV.


Travel Summer 2020

Travelling goes a little beyond taking a holiday and will likely take up most of your summer or even longer if you decide to do it. Many students that store with Student Storage Manchester do so because they want to get out and see the world. Popping your things in a storage unit for a few months can free up your time to go travelling and when paired up with working as you travel or in a previous summer you can gain the financial freedom to do so.