That deadline is fast approaching and your life is full of frustrating distractions, not to worry, Student Storage Manchester is on hand with our helpful guide on how to get your work done as a student… 

One of the biggest challenges faced by most students at university is quite simply getting your work done without distraction. Sure, university is in part about your academic studies but with so many distractions such as societies, balancing a job, social commitments and more it can be difficult to find the time to actually do your work. This is something we know all too well at Student Storage Manchester and over our years as students in the past and by talking to the students we help we have put together this list of ways to focus on your studies and get your coursework or revision done.

No Social Media

One of the biggest challenges facing would-be successful students today is the allure of social media distractions. It has very much been proven that social media addiction is a real thing and when you are settling down to write that next big essay the temptation to scroll a little further through Instagram or watch a few more videos on Tik Tok may be too much to pass up. You may find that blocking out social media for a few hours will help to massively increase your productivity.

Limit Screen Time

This one goes hand in hand with limiting social media time but as well as that there are a whole host of other forms of screen time that can impact your productivity levels. Limiting or planning out your screen time can help you make the most of the time you allocate to your studies. Some examples of other screen time are:

  • TV shows (in particular Netflix binges!)
  • Gaming
  • General Internet Browsing
  • Films

We don’t disagree that all of these things are fantastic but they will very often come at the expense of getting more work done. Instead of trying to completely stop these things why not use them as a reward for reaching certain milestones in your work. As an example why not set yourself ‘one episode of your go-to Netflix binge ‘per 1000words of your assignment. Experiment with what motivates you the most and once again as a worst-case scenario stop all of the above until your assignment or revision is done.

Create a Plan

Creating a study plan or scheduled deadlines for your assignments will massively help you to improve your productivity and improve your process of essay writing, revision, and general assignments. Your plan doesn’t need to be super thorough but it should plan out dates and times that you are going to do things by and include strict deadlines that you set for yourself. Some of our recommendations for creating a plan include:

  • Plan In Time To Rest – It’s Important To Look After Yourself
  • Set Yourself Deadlines
  • Plan In Some Rewards (TV, Socialising, Food, etc)
  • Be Realistic With Goals
  • Plan To Finish Before Your Actual Deadlines
  • Write It Down on Paper Or Us a Calendar App

Don’t Do it Last Minute

We can’t stress this point enough, the worst thing you can do is leave all of your work to the last minute. This will massively increase the amount of stress you put on yourself and if something goes wrong you will have no time to fix it or recover your work. If you follow all of the previous steps in this guide, in particular, the points relating to creating a plan of action then the chances are you will be well on track to completing your assignments on time. Some final tips include:

  • Start Your Assignment As Soon As You Get It
  • Break It Down Into Bite-sized Chunks
  • Have Space To Work From (our next point!)
  • Get Plenty Of Rest

Find a Quiet Space

Space is what we do well at Student Storage Manchester so we understand the importance of finding the right space to do your work in successfully. At most of the universities around Manchester there are some excellent spaces to study in. If you have the correct study space and a plan of action for your assignment then you will be well on your way to academic success, a nice quiet place will help you to focus and remove many of the distractions mentioned throughout this article. Some of our recommendations for study space include:

  • University Libraries
  • Your Own Desk If You Have One
  • Local Coffee Shops and Cafes
  • Shared Work Spaces
  • A Self Storage Unit: So as we mentioned space is our speciality – many students come to us looking for storage over the summer months but some keep a storage unit all year round, particularly in the warmer months a self storage unit can act as a cool and dry place to set up a desk, pop up your laptop, and crack on with your work in a quiet and peaceful environment.


Ultimately only you are responsible for getting your assignments done on time but hopefully, with some of the advice and tips in this article, you will be able to get your work done with no issues. As with most things routine is key so if you set these points in place from your very first assignment thing will get easier and easier for you throughout your time studying. If you have any questions about how Student Storage Manchester can help you free up some space in your life as a student then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. We are open 7-days a week and our quick and easy student booking form only takes seconds to complete. Our services include: